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We have to laugh since we can’t cry!

Ask Your Doctor If ____Is Right For You

Ever Heard That Before?   At the end of a long exhausting day, I appreciate the opportunity to sit down and “chill” as my kids say. As empty nesters, my husband & I have fallen into a routine of eating … Continue reading

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Just Breathe Normally..

Sjogren’s Syndrome and sleep apnea… Continue reading

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A New Treatmen In SjoDry’s World..

Dosing..As Much As Tolerated As many of you may recall, I wrote a very sad farewell post in Feb.2014, to our wonderful dog, Wags, of 19 years. I went on to write about how much pets help us to cope … Continue reading

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SjoDry’s Having A Fit

Only A Small Fit.. Do you ever discover a gadget that you think is the greatest thing since chocolate? Okay…maybe not chocolate. I have discovered one such blog-worthy gadget that now lives in my SjoDry world. In fact, I wear … Continue reading

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Holiday Spirit vs. Holiday Energy

Do You Have It?   It seems to happen every year, no matter what I declare the year before. That is.. this year I’m going to get everything done ahead of time so I can enjoy the holiday. Ever said … Continue reading

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SjoDry’s Drag Race

And She’s Off.. many of you, I drag. I drag myself through my home; my workspace; my day and my life. Sjogren’s fatigue is like an unwelcome weight that has somehow been attached to my body. Once upon a … Continue reading

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