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The Dream Team Has Crumbled

When Docs Leave     How dare he accept a wonderful, new job offer in a different state! If you have followed this blog for awhile (hint…go back to my beginning posts) will know that (like many of you), I … Continue reading

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Happy Fall Ya’ll

Happy Fall To All Greetings my fellow Sjoggie-Mates. I am long overdue for a SjoDry update. Many of you (who are in my local Pittsburgh Sjogren’s Support Group) are aware that I have taken a break from hosting the group … Continue reading

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What About The Opiate NON-ABUSERS?

Some Of Us Don’t Abuse Opiates! This is a topic that really bothers me, mainly because I fall into the group of non-abusing opiate users. I recently came across a very well written article by a Pharmacist, Jason Poquette. Jason … Continue reading

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Ask Your Doctor If ____Is Right For You

Ever Heard That Before?   At the end of a long exhausting day, I appreciate the opportunity to sit down and “chill” as my kids say. As empty nesters, my husband & I have fallen into a routine of eating … Continue reading

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Time To Vote..

The Co-Morbid Disease of Our Presidential Election Sjogren’s Syndrome and our Presidential Election Season share similar symptoms. Let me start by saying that I hate politics. Has it always been that way? No. There was a time many years ago … Continue reading

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A FREE Prescription For Wellness

Mindfulness Greetings fellow Sjoggie-Mates. Awhile back I wrote a post about:¬†“Are We Our Signature Lines?”¬†¬†Essentially I questioned whether or not my Sjogren’s/Chronic Illness defines me. I am not quite sure what I decided at that time, but I have been … Continue reading

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