SjoDry’s Having A Fit

Only A Small Fit..

Do you ever discover a gadget that you think is the greatest thing since chocolate? Okay…maybe not chocolate. I have discovered one such blog-worthy gadget that now lives in my SjoDry world. In fact, I wear it every day. It is my relatively new FitBit.

Now, I can’t say I love it for it’s beauty..because it is a black, chunky & sometimes hard to keep snapped, wardrobe accessory. I suppose that technically, it is a wardrobe accessory for fitness apparel and those who sport cute and colorful spandexy garments…(that leaves me out).


SjoDry’s New FitBit

Probably more than an accessory, a FitBit does indeed have specific functionality. I recently had an occasion to attend an event, where many of the women were employees of a health-conscious insurance company. Obviously, I sat down in the middle of a close-knit group of women who knew each other well. They began to discuss and compare the features and benefits of their differently colored Fitbits. One lady announced that she competed with herself daily to reach the coveted 10,000 steps a day goal.

The Goal

The Goal

Oh, The Benefits You’ll See

The other ladies agreed and another woman said that she really liked the fact that she could track her sleep. Hmm. My ears perked up a bit. As you know, SjoDry rarely has a full night’s sleep to brag about. The woman went on to say that she could actually print out these personalized sleep reports. I’ll admit it sounded intriguing. I mean I don’t need a printout to confirm that I sleep poorly every night. But it could be a worthwhile variable to monitor & keep in “the health book of SjoDry”. Note to all Sjoggies: For any of you with doubting physicians who think you are prone to exaggeration..a Fitbit can provide you with a printout of your sleep patterns to reinforce what you have been telling your docs for years now. 

Sleep ? Report

Sleep ? Report

So I did it. I splurged and bought the FitBit. I have not chosen to dive into the world of other FitBit wearers in comparing fitness notes and flaming calories on Facebook and social media, but I do like getting my weekly (or nightly if I choose) sleep report. It’s official..I am currently averaging 2 hours 46 mins. of sleep a wonder I feel like a Zombie. I am not in great competition with myself to surpass my fitness performance on any given day. Heck, if I’m moving at’s a good day. And as for hitting 10,000 steps in one day, it has happened twice and each time, my Fitbit scared me to death. It started buzzing like a tens unit embedded in my arm to congratulate me on finally making it to 10,000 steps in one day. I find it ironic that my congratulatory buzz feels like neuropathy.

On The Plus Side.. I think

I have also discovered an additional side benefit (and slight annoyance) for my new wrist companion. With my frequent memory lapses and Sjogren’s brain fog, I appreciate that I can push the button on my Fitbit to remind myself  of what the date is. Now I don’t know if SjoDry’s just special or all Fitbits are highly reactive at the slightest movement..but when moving my arm at certain angles (walking or lying), the Fitbit suddenly lights up like a motion detector that’s spotted an intruder. I can appreciate this when I am walking in the dark to see where I’m going or trying to avoid another fall down the steps. But when simply changing sleep positions, this super-power beam of light can serve to annoy the better half. I mean, on the one hand, I am envious of my husband’s ability to fall into a deep, restful slumber on a dime. But I would never choose to ruin it for him by shoving a blinding light into his eyes. So now I find myself randomly trying to capture this beam of light under the cover, like I used to chase lightening bugs as a kid.

In any event, if you see any future posts that feature the title: SjoDry’s Having A Fit will know that it is not a SjoDry rant..just her newest gadget.

May the sleep be with you in 2016!

SjoDry and Snoozin



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Sandy Burkett is the Creative Engineer, President and Owner of Vital Signs. Vital Signs is a certified Native American/Woman-Owned custom sign and graphics company located in Carnegie, PA.
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3 Responses to SjoDry’s Having A Fit

  1. Amy Junod says:

    My husband loves his. His company’s wellness program paid for it if he kept up with the step program for a year. Sometimes I’ll catch him hopping around the house and he’ll explain that he’s only 30 steps away from his 10,000.
    I never really thought about the benefit of the sleep report. Interesting.

  2. Andrea says:

    Makes me want one! By the way, if it is indeed sleep apnea, they now have a few alternatives to the C-PAP/Bi-PAPs. One that I recently heard about, is some sort of device that they embed… somewhere? ( I’ve only heard advertising on the radio)… in your body and it keeps you breathing.

    As far as being dry from the “old fashioned” C/Bi-PAPs goes, they add a humidifier to them and it works extremely well. I was actually less dry than normal when I used my Bi-Pap. Apnea is serious and your Fitbit has revealed some of why this is true. SjoDry/ Awesome needs some sleep!!!

    Thanks for another great post!

    • A,

      I am encouraged at what I am seeing/reading about Mask options and sleep apnea management. I am not as intimidated at the possibility as I was. With all of the great suggestions here, I will go into the sleep lab armed with Sjoggie aids and all of the right questions. Thanks for the kind words.


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