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What About The Opiate NON-ABUSERS?

Some Of Us Don’t Abuse Opiates! This is a topic that really bothers me, mainly because I fall into the group of non-abusing opiate users. I recently came across a very well written article by a Pharmacist, Jason Poquette. Jason … Continue reading

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When The Bloodwork Doesn’t Confirm The Diagnosis

If It Quacks Like a Duck… We’ve all heard the expression, ” If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…it must be a duck”. Well, not necessarily when it comes to autoimmune conditions. Often they present in a clear, … Continue reading

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Arrogance and the average physician..

Physician arrogance happens daily and I have, unfortunately, been on the receiving end of such treatment from doctors on too many occasions through the years. I am happy to report that I have established my current dream team of courteous … Continue reading

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Patience Grasshopper…

It is said that ” Patience is a virtue”. I wouldn’t know, because I was blessed with so little. And the small amount that I possess is quickly depleted on silly things. In the last few weeks, I have found … Continue reading

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Sour Staff

Yes, we have all experienced them at one time or another, and are sometimes forced to encounter them on a regular basis. What’s that you ask? It’s a surly doctor’s staff.  I don’t know if I’m just lucky, or there … Continue reading

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