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Coping with emotions of chronic illness

I Have Sjogren’s Syndrome and I Am All Alone

THE MESSAGE WE RECEIVE.. FROM DOCTORS.. A Doctor or Two or Three Has: Spoken, Said or Treated You: As if you are a hypochondriac You’ve mentioned more than a few symptoms, time’s up Don’t you think you’re spending too much … Continue reading

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SjoDry is Sjo-Overwhelmed..

We work hard to research and understand our diagnosis(es). We join forums, we search high and low for a compassionate physician(s) to treat us. I think for me and maybe many of you, we are trying to grasp at maintaining … Continue reading

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hy·po·chon·dri·ac /ˌhaɪpəˈkɒndriˌæk/ Show Spelled[hahy-puh-kon-dree-ak] Show IPAadjective  Also, hy·po·chon·dri·a·cal /ˌhaɪpoʊkənˈdraɪəkəl/ Show Spelled[hahy-poh-kuhn-drahy-uh-kuhl]  pertaining to or suffering from hypochondria, an excessive preoccupation with and worry about one’s health: For those of us who live life with chronic pain; suffering; doctor’s visits; medical tests; … Continue reading

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