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An Open Letter To Those Without Sjogren’s Syndrome

I recently came across a site: which posted an Open Letter to those without Chronic Illness. I noticed that there are several adaptations to the letter that people have made with respect to their various specific medical conditions. Of course I … Continue reading

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The Sjogren’s Club – Lifetime Member

Anyone who has ever had a basic psychology class will be familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. In specific, Maslow references the human need for each of us to feel loved and to belong. When I was in my teen … Continue reading

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SjoDry is Sjo-Overwhelmed..

We work hard to research and understand our diagnosis(es). We join forums, we search high and low for a compassionate physician(s) to treat us. I think for me and maybe many of you, we are trying to grasp at maintaining … Continue reading

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I’m Just Sayin…

From now on..please attribute any of my typos, misspellings, extra lines, non-sensical statements and the like to my advancing Sjogren’s Brainfog; processing and memory issues. So what does this Sjogren’s phenomena look like? One example comes to mind. Have you … Continue reading

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Validation in Sjoggie Nation!

SjoDry is back from the Sjogren’s Syndrome Patient Conference in Bethesda, MD. It was my first patient conference so I was not quite sure of what to expect. But I must tell you, I was very pleasantly surprised. Of course … Continue reading

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Hopeful and smiling (for a change)

Well here it is folks…a good mood. I feel it is my obligation to share it with you since I so seldom experience them these days. Firstly, I may have found the physician that I have so desperately needed and … Continue reading

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