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If “Loose Lips Sink Ships”…then what do dry lips do?

Clearly, ” Dry lips lack drips “ AND drive me crazy! Lately I have been hyper-focused on the sad shape of my lips. I don’t even know exactly when it happened or the full understanding of why it happened. My … Continue reading

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Pain Severity and Neuropathic Pain Symptoms in Primary Sjogren’s Syndrome: A Comparison Study of seropositive and seronegative Sjogren’s Syndrome

Along with many other Sjoggies, I am seronegative. That is… my blood markers do not prove that I have Sjogren’s Syndrome in spite of what my body physically screams. I am always very interested in the differences between a Sjoggie … Continue reading

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Could This Be You? I learned a new word in my cyber travels this week…Cyberchondriac. I have to admit that it cracked me up. A hypochondriac is a label that may have been whispered behind my back through the years..but … Continue reading

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