4 Things That Everyone Needs

Truer Words Were Never Spoken

Not long ago, my husband handed me a paper that he came across. The paper was entitled:  4 Things That Everyone Needs. There was no author listed, just the following four lines:

  1. Everyone needs something to do.
  2. Everyone needs someone to love.
  3. Everyone needs someone to believe in.
  4. Everyone needs something in their life to hope for. 

He said to me, ” Ya know, this is really true”. And I agree.

I think it is true of everyone whether you have Sjogren’s or not. But as I thought about it from the perspective of having Sjogren’s, I could not help but to think that these statements are especially important to Sjogren’s sufferers and those with other chronic and serious illnesses. We are folks who are at great risk for losing sight of what is most important, as we fight our medical battles.

Something To Do

Something To Do

Something To Do








Sick people often struggle to do meaningful things. So much of our time can be taken up with doctor’s appointments, treatments and just feeling bad, that our energy is depleted. If we have to lose something from our list of to-do’s..it is typically something fun or enjoyable. For instance, the Spoon Theory points out that we must make smart choices of what we choose to do with our limited reserves of energy. For most of us, that means the medical “everything” in our lives, takes priority. And that does not leave a lot of room for other non-medical things that help to keep us fulfilled.

Someone To Love

Someone To Love

Someone To Love







We all need people in our lives. Most family members and friends who support and surround us, help us to make this life journey together (good, better  or somewhere in between). Loving others is the part of us that will hopefully always remain healthy. Loving others and having them love us back, should always feel good. It should always help us to feel stronger and capable of tackling anything that comes our way.

Someone To Believe In

Someone To Believe In

Someone To Believe In







As much as we  need people to love, we also need people that we believe in. Some may call that Faith. Believing in people comes in various forms, we believe in other people’s ability to succeed; to rise above their circumstances; to heal us; to do great things, to lead us, to teach us; and in general, to be the best of humanity. We are better people when we believe in others and when they believe in us.

Everyone Needs Something In Their Life To Hope For


Something To Hope For

I believe that when we lose hope, we have lost everything. For without hope, we give into our sadness, fears or depression. We feel like our lives or health cannot become better and we allow ourselves to become “faith-less”. I for one, am not willing to let anything or anyone rob me of my hope and faith…no matter what my circumstances are. Will I allow myself to have a few pity parties along the way? Absolutely. But hope is never lost or too far away that we can’t grab onto it and hit the re-focus button.


Really..It Makes Sense

These 4 tenets make sense to me. When you think about it, if any of these four ideas are out of balance in our lives, we don’t feel good. It feels like an intangible dissatisfaction..that we sometimes have a hard time defining. Yet, the concepts of something to do; someone to love; someone to believe in and something to hope for are such simple truths.

Can Life Really Be This Simple, If We Let It?

I think so.

Hoping that these truths are abundantly present and fulfilled in your lives.

SjoDry and Contemplative



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Sandy Burkett is the Creative Engineer, President and Owner of Vital Signs. Vital Signs is a certified Native American/Woman-Owned custom sign and graphics company located in Carnegie, PA.
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