Always looking for a magic bullet….

Foods, Meds & Miracles..



There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t find myself either researching,  scouring a store or website trying to play match the symptom with a miracle. I am sure that many of you are doing the same thing. We sometimes read the product ads & watch the commercials with some interest & perhaps, a spark of hope.

Of course the best kind of advice comes from other Sjoggies that we trust. It is universally understood that if you are a Sjogren’s Syndrome Patient, you have shelled out a whole lot of money in multiple product pursuits and probably have some credible product advice & success that you can share with other Sjoggies.

Of course, this search for miracles also applies to our quest for healthy foods and diets. I have blogged before about searching for the best eating practices for Sjogren’s Patients. I am consistently overwhelmed with trying to create a marriage between an anti-inflammatory diet and a Paleo/Mediterranean/something kind of diet(s). These efforts typically leave me feeling like a ‘deer in headlights’, dazed & paralyzed, without any plan of action.

During my (increasingly frequent) sick days at home, I catch up with Dr.Oz.  In recent programs, Dr.Oz has started touting the benefits of Smoothies. Well, who doesn’t love a fruit smoothie?! Oh actually put a variety of green leaves & stems in these smoothies? Not sure I’m a fan. The only time (a couple of years ago) that my husband, Steve & I, tried to pull out an old juicer hidden for years & use it, we were not impressed. After buying every juicing ingredient we could find & loudly juicing them together in the juicer, we came to a couple of conclusions: We put a healthy amount of fruit & vegetables into the unit and were only able to share about a 1/2 cup each of this dark green concoction and we also had a huge mess to clean up. So it was easy to understand how our enthusiasm for smoothies got pulverized along with all of the ingredients.

Enter NutriBullet..

As I have mentioned above, I stay in the never-ending search for products and medical solutions, and as a Sjoggie, that is unlikely to change. But as we periodically do, Steve & I declare that we really do need to get healthy & it’s now or never…blah blah blah. With that newly revived mindset, Steve said to me at the beginning of this week, “Hey, you want to go by Best Buy & take a look at that ” As Seen On TV “ NutriBullet?? Nutri what? Say it again…it’s a what? Well, this was one “As Seen On TV” commercial that SjoDry had missed. (Probably in a sleep coma on the couch from my Sjogren’s fatigue, no doubt). Sure, let’s go see it.

Of course we bought the NutriBullet. We eagerly opened the box with all of it’s parts & pieces, and the hardback Smoothie Recipe Book. The book not only contained what appeared to be some delicious smoothie recipes, it also has a large number of people giving their testimonial about their experience with the NutriBullet Smoothies. Now normally on these (wonder if they really got paid) testimonials, I pay little attention. But I am always sucked in with a before & after story (no matter whether it’s Weight-Watchers; HGTV or anything else). When it has the Before & After presentation, I am really captivated. So back to the NutriBullet Testimonials..there are many people who use these Smoothies for weight loss, but there are also many people using them to help their medical conditions. Several medical conditions were presented (A.I., Poor Immune Systems, Heart, etc.). The featured testimonials all boasted about reducing their weight, meds & their bloodwork levels. But the universal result that every person listed was a huge increase in their energy! you really have my attention.


We enthusiastically took turns preparing our Nutri Smoothies. After pouring the smoothie into my NutriBullet cup, I was stopped in my tracks. What you may not know is that SjoDry has a very weak stomach & can be launched into heaving action on a dime. When I looked at my smoothie, I was transported in time about 30 years to the days of our kid’s really yucky, and barf-producing diapers and their green contents! I told Steve, I’m not sure this smoothie plan is going to work for me. But I knew that I would never find out if this was my magic bullet unless I tasted it. So with my skeptical & cringing face, I took a tiny, green sip. To my shock & pleasant surprise, it tasted wonderful! It was like the delicious tasting, non-veggie smoothies that I so fondly remembered from the past. It was easy to finish drinking the smoothie..but I will still need to work on the appearance of the drink and my olive green flashbacks! For now I can tell you that I have had a smoothie for two breakfasts (in replacement of my food). I have been surprised at how full they have kept me with no roller coaster blood sugar dives. In fact, I worked right through lunch & realized that I had not eaten my typical frozen Lean Cuisine fare. We both felt the same when we had smoothies for our dinner one night. The smoothie was very filling and neither Steve or I made one of our typical snack runs to the kitchen! Can I get a ShamWow on that success ! (Another As Seen On TV product) haha.

Stay Tuned For Future Updates

So as it stands right now.. SjoDry may have found one of her Magic Bullets! For those of you who may share my weak stomach or concerns about tastes…have no fear! I was amazed that we really cannot taste the healthy greens in these smoothies. And even more interesting, I actually used spinach that still had the stems..& they were pulverized beyond view or taste. Of course I love the fact that these Smoothies leave me with no embarrassing green particles on my teeth! I will be weighing the success of these smoothies on my scale and on my thighs (hint hint) and watching closely for ANY added boost(s) in energy.
If you are considering a Smoothie approach for your diet or as a supplement to your diet, and after checking with your physician..of course, SjoDry is urging you to ‘ go ahead & ‘ BITE THE BULLET ‘!

Here’s to your Sjoggie Health, may the Smoothies be with you!

SjoDry and sippin..







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Sandy Burkett is the Creative Engineer, President and Owner of Vital Signs. Vital Signs is a certified Native American/Woman-Owned custom sign and graphics company located in Carnegie, PA.
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4 Responses to Always looking for a magic bullet….

  1. Lisa Hines says:

    Awesome! Love my green smoothies! I have a VitaMix. Here’s some great smoothie tips and recipes: You can download the app, or just use the link to use the free online program. Enjoy!

  2. Lisa Welch says:

    I tried a smoothie from a recipe I found online for “green” smoothies with kale, it was so horrible!! I literally gagged when I tried to drink it! But I don’t have a magic bullet, I tried doing it in my blender so maybe that was the difference? I do follow the anti-inflammatory diet by Dr. Weil and have had great success! I started it late last October and to date, I have lost 30 pounds, and a lot of my swelling and pain issues have diminished mostly in my feet and hands! I’ve heard good things about juicing but I don’t want to spend that kind of money just to throw them out when using the veggies.

  3. I love adding pineapple chunks to my nutribullet green concoctions – it masks the greens’ bitter taste very well! : )

    I’m a researcher like you too – sometimes it’s a bit obsessive… ; )

  4. Heidi says:

    I have a bullet but but it for chopping herbs! What is ur favorite smoothie recipe?

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