SjoDry’s new addiction..

I am not a Pharmacy Rep…

I do not push products on anyone, but I, like most of you, am a patient who suffers the daily challenges of Dry Mouth. And also like you…I spend a ridiculous amount of money trying to find over-the-counter products that work FOR ME for all of my Sjogren’s manifestations which lend themselves to such products.

The Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation conducted a recent survey among it’s members to try to identify how much we Sjoggies spend on (OTC) Over The Counter products? Sjogren’s Patients spend between $2000 – $4,700.00 annually for OTC products, which by the way, are not covered by insurance…but I won’t start on that rant right now.

I like Research-Based Products that work..

Don’t we all? I have an earlier blog post on my site where I coined a term to describe myself: “Cyber-Searcher”. Specifically, it relates to my continuous and never-ending researching activities online. Yes, curious minds want to know..but it’s more than that. What I have learned through my many years of being medicated by lots of Docs in different specialties, is that I am  the only one who is paying attention to what is going into my body on a daily basis or any contra-indications there may be. This is true..also, when I am buying seemingly benign over-the-counter  products in the drugstore or online.

So to get to my point here…

I'm addicted!

I’m addicted!

I have found a product that I am addicted to for my dry mouth. I don’t usually fall in love with any product and just hope for the best. But my coveted “Green Gum” has become a staple in my dry mouth arsenal. Specifically, the name of this green gum (which reminds me of the chicklets gum I used to chew & eat as a kid) is called, ” MighTeaFlow ” Dry Mouth Gum, and it is produced by the Camellix Company. :

I discovered that one of the main ingredients in this gum is Green Tea. Of course my researching efforts led me to many articles explaining the medicinal and healing qualities of Green Tea. I also had the pleasure to meet the creator of this gum, Dr. Stephen Hsu (shoe), at the recent Sjogren’s Foundation Patient Conference. I was very impressed with the display of this gum’s phase two clinical trial statistical results. I liked that the gum was created by a doctor who is a professor at the College of Dental Medicine at Georgia Regents University and conducts all of the research to prove the benefits.  Chewing one piece of this tasty gum is equal to drinking one cup of Green Tea. But more importantly for me… the driving question and bottom line is, does it work? Will it provide more saliva to me?? And the answer is a resounding YES!

Unfortunately, on a day trip in the car, my husband saw me getting a piece of my “special” gum out of my purse & asked if I had another piece? Hmm. Okay, I did what every good wife would do, and shared with him. I tried not to think about how difficult it seemed to be as I parted with that piece of gum and had a brief moment of guilt for feeling that way. And now, my husband is also in love with my purse-protected gum. The dry mouth benefits of my gum are important of course..but the flavor of this gum and how long it what caused my addiction. I personally, have never chewed any piece of gum in which the flavor lasted so long and I didn’t end up feeling like a cow chewing cud. At this time, it can only be ordered online. If I am being honest… it is a bit more pricey than I would normally pay for a regular pack of gum…but….it is not a regular, everyday gum and when I think about what I have spent on the many other products that I have purchased that didn’t work..the price is a small price to pay for a product that I know will work for me.

I think what I am ultimately saying here, is that it feels reinforcing to me as a patient, to identify the products that truly help me. It is one less thing off of my heavy, Sjogren’s plate. And research is research, but when the research so matches the quality of the product and does what it says the product will do AND…tastes great in the whole process… Well, you can see why I have become happily addicted and am bubbling over with enthusiasm for this yummy gum.

While at the convention and waiting to step up to the Camellix Table with my green gum on it, I heard a woman discussing the Camillex Shampoo with another woman. I really was not trying to listen in on this conversation, but I could not help myself when I heard the lady mention that the Camellix Shampoo was sulfate-free. I had just seen a celebrity stylist on Dr. Oz a couple of days before the convention, explaining that people with severely dry hair should be using a Sulfate-free Shampoo. Of course, since I’m styling my typically dry, scarecrow ears perked up. The lady went on to say that she & her sister both have thinning hair that is a problem shared by several in her family. I don’t know if I am there yet…but I sure am starting to see more clumps of hair fall out of my I continued to pay attention to her conversation. She told the other woman that she & her sister had been using Rogaine shampoo for a long time, but that she switched to the Camellix Shampoo just to try it. She said that her hair was now much fuller & she had totally stopped using her previous shampoo & her sister wanted to know what she had done differently because her hair looked so full & shiny?

I don’t know about you..but that overheard conversation was enough to make me want to try the shampoo. I am currently using the shampoo, though the jury is still out on my final evaluation of it & how it is working for me. Also, I complicated issues because I got, what can only be described as a brunette version of a, ‘Little Orphan Annie’ perm. But I will update my research findings at a future date.

But back to my gum, all of the members of the local Sjogren’s Support Group that I run have had samples of the green gum and love it. (hint..the company will send you samples if you call them). As I mentioned, I am not any kind of sales rep for the Camellix Company or my new-found saliva-producing gum, I just like to share any helpful information for my fellow Sjoggies when I find it because I know that we are all searching.

Here’s hoping that your search for successful products is a short one!

Enjoy your weekend!




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