There’s hope on the horizon for Sjogren’s Syndrome!

I just returned from the 2014 Sjogren’s Syndrome Patient Conference…and just like last year, I came back excited, revved up and totally hopeful! The speakers were excellent and shared great information.

The information I will post here is the exact information that was provided by Dr.Theresa Ford who is the Medical Director of  the North Georgia Rheumatology Group.  I was sorry I had to leave to catch my plane & did not hear this particular information in person.

But the official message from Dr. Ford’s presentation notes say: The next decade should start to bring major changes in the treatment of Sjogren’s! 

I am excited. As I listened to the discussion on the Clinical Guidelines for Sjogren’s Syndrome that Medical providers will be able to access in order to diagnose and treat Sjogren’s patients, I could not help but to be hopeful. The intense struggle for Sjogren’s patients to be heard & helped that so many of us live, will some day be a thing of the past.

Until then, let’s all keep getting the word out!

SjoDry and Hopeful!

Specifically, Dr. Ford shared the following information about What’s In The Clinical Pipeline for Sjogren’s Syndrome:

My fellow Sjoggies...there is hope on the horizon!

My fellow Sjoggies…there is hope on the horizon!


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6 Responses to There’s hope on the horizon for Sjogren’s Syndrome!

  1. blackbirdatnight says:

    Thanks for sharing this information with us! Take care, Jane.

  2. Mary Charlesworth says:

    Thank you so much for attending and bringing such hopeful news back to us. Did they mention contact information for trials? Just wondering if they are seeking volunteers! Once again, thank you for reporting back to us.

    Take care,

    • vitalsignspgh says:


      Please accept my apologies for just now getting back to you. I have been doing battle with loads of systemic manifestations of Sjogren’s & all of the doctor’s appointments; tests, etc. that go with them. With regard to the clinical trials, please visit: You just check there periodically & put the disease (Sjogren’s Syndrome, or other diseases that you may have) in the upper right-hand search box. It will bring up every clinical study/protocol for the given search term. It typically gives all of the information about the study; the location of the study; inclusions & exclusions for participation in the study and contact information. Sometimes, you can sign up to be included/listed in a registry. In this case, you may be contacted by an institution conducting a study that you may be appropriate for.

      I hope this helps!
      Take Care Mary.

  3. anonymous says:


    Would you mind elaborating on which seemed the most promising from the physician’s perspective?

    • vitalsignspgh says:

      I checked with a couple of my support group members who were also in attendance at the Sjogren’s Conference to get their input on your question.
      None of us felt that there was any particular emphasis or excitement of a particular drug in the pipeline. The main emphasis and focus that we heard about was with regard to the new Clinical Guidelines for Sjogren’s. The hope is that the new guidelines will help so many doctors of all disciplines to hopefully learn how to recognize & treat Sjogren’s, thus decreasing the diagnosis time.

      I am always watching Sjogren’s news and will certainly blog about any new meds or Sjogren’s discoveries.

      Take Care.

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