Arrogance and the average physician..

Physician arrogance happens daily and I have, unfortunately, been on the receiving end of such treatment from doctors on too many occasions through the years. I am happy to report that I have established my current dream team of courteous and caring doctors who no longer talk at or talk down to me. But this has not always been the case. And it is not the case for many others.

As I routinely visit the online Sjogren’s Forum, I see daily posts from people describing the horrible, rude and dismissive treatment they receive from their physicians. Their symptoms are often minimized, ignored or left untreated. I have to say after reading about other patient’s negative doctor experiences for so many months and experiencing this treatment myself, it surely appears that there is anarrogance” epidemic among physicians. What’s worse is that this rude and undeserved patient treatment can serve to shut a patient down from further seeking treatment for their condition(s).

Sjogren’s Syndrome is a very difficult autoimmune disease to diagnose. It can take many years to identify Sjogren’s Syndrome in patients. The symptoms behave like a disappearing act. One day a patient presents with joint pain; swollen glands and neuropathy, while the next day their symptoms are completely different.

Imagine taking your car in to fix a noise that you hear at different times when you are driving and you have had it for many weeks. When you arrive at the auto repair shop with your car, the car does not make the noise. (we can all relate to this) Does the repairman not believe you as a result? Does he speak in a condescending voice and tell you that you probably didn’t hear a noise and it was probably in your head? Does he offer advice by telling you just to go home rest and try to reduce some of the stress in your life? No. Because the auto repair shop is a “for profit” business, in the exact same way that a physician’s practice is.

Now granted, all people know how many years a doctor has attended school. We know that they have paid big bucks and made sacrifices to obtain skill sets that enable them to be called doctor and “expert” by the medical and non-medical community at large. But for a very large number of physicians, it seems that they have also earned a degree in arrogance.  It seems also, that somewhere along their medical school journey they forgot the reason that they went into medicine. I am sure that some doctors just wanted a cushy salary. But I would assume that most doctors chose the field of medicine to help people. I mean, they have to take the Hippocratic Oath that says that they will do no harm to people. In my opinion, that should include the behavior of chiding the patient in a condescending tone; making the patient feel invalidated and not believed.

Making a choice to spend many years and dollars to attend medical school, does not give any physician the right to treat people with  rude and sub-standard patient care. A person who is a patient, does not equal ” less than”. Regardless of one’s career choice and self-inflated and perceived status, people are people and should be treated with respect. I mean after all, they are the same people who pay your physician salaries.

If a patient is labeled with depression, perhaps their doctors have been contributing factors to the diagnosis. Unfortunately, I do not think that the rude behavior, once established, is likely to change. But we, as the patient recipients of such mediocre professionalism, can and should speak loudly with our feet.

Patients should never be put in a position that makes them second-guess their symptomology, pain and obvious illness. It is important, especially for those of us who live with chronic illness, to learn and to master our own medical advocacy. There are many compassionate doctors who do care & provide wonderful care to their patients. But it is up to us to be proactive in finding those rare gems.

Be strong and choose your doctors carefully!

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Sandy Burkett is the Creative Engineer, President and Owner of Vital Signs. Vital Signs is a certified Native American/Woman-Owned custom sign and graphics company located in Carnegie, PA.
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5 Responses to Arrogance and the average physician..

  1. Mary Charlesworth says:

    Once again Sjodry you nailed it! Far too many patients try navigating the healthcare system while trying to make sense of what is going on with their health and bodies. I too have noticed the unfortunate theme of submissive, insulting and derogatory attitudes of physicians experienced by fellow Sjogren’s patients in the forum. This is so very disheartening, given the complexity of symptoms we experience.They should have compassionate, competent doctors managing their care. Personally, I think those physicians who act with such a deplorable attitude do so because they lack the knowledge needed to treat their patients effectively.

    Thank you so much for bringing to light a sad but true topic.

  2. Joyce says:

    I agree, she did nail it once again! So many Doctors are depressed themselves. You know your own body! Keep knocking on doors, be strong and be your own advocate!

  3. A. Phillips says:

    Amen Sister! Thank you! Thank you for fighting for us! I agree, as well with Mary’s assertation that the reasoning behind some of these doc’s behaviors is their own ignorance.

  4. Valerie Foreman says:

    I can so relate to this post Sjodry as I experienced this arrogance and indignity firsthand. It was unfortunately that I was on the receiving end of physicians who made light of my illness. Once a physician breaks the trust between him/herself and the patient, it may be broken forever. I did not want to go on afterwards to even look for another physician for fear that it may happen again; however, I realized I could not put all physicians in the same category because there are good ones out there.

    Thank you for writing about this topic.

    • vitalsignspgh says:

      Hi Valerie.

      First of all… you have a great name..Foreman is my maiden name! With regard to the post about is very unfortunate, but occurs every day. That kind of treatment shut me down at least 3 times..until I hurt so bad that I was forced to dive back into my provider database.

      Hope you are finding some great docs!
      Take Care.

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