My Wags, My Heart

My Heart

My Heart

Pets and Coping…

For those of you with pets, you will understand that a pet (no matter what type) becomes a member of your family. After having lost my precious Wags, a member of our family for almost 19 years, three weeks ago, I am compelled to write about how pets help us cope.

It is not just that they help us cope with illness, but with everything. The unbridled joy that a pet brings into your life cannot be measured. They make us laugh, they calm us down and lower our blood pressure after a bad day, they adore us at our worst and at our best. And we expect it. It is part of the deeply cemented bond that we make with our loving pets. We look as forward to greeting them when we walk in our doors as they do when we come home. How many of us have just had that absolutely horrible day, are feeling very depressed or crying..and our pets know and sense this? We can tell that they know we are upset and are right by our sides to comfort us. And no matter how many times I raised my voice through the years and even swatted her little behind for being unable to resist a good bag of garbage, Ms. Waggins just remained the loving and loyal companion that she was from puppyhood.

As much as our grown children were a part of our family, Wags was also. She brought joy to each of us in ways that will never be forgotten. She put up with toddler abuse, seasonal bandannas or T shirts and of the silly things we pet-owners find cute at one time or another with our pets. Yes, we are comforted that we were able to have her in our lives for almost 19 years. Not many people have that opportunity. Even in her senior years with joint pain, her hearing almost gone, cataracts which had taken control of her eyesight & physical walking so difficult..she obediently sniffed her way in the direction that I left a room, each time that I left and would pace until she could find me again. Yes, we were truly connected at the hip.

As I always did and am sure that you pet-lovers do as well, I had a repertoire of “baby talk” and pet names for my Wags. One of our family favorites was, “Dog of the World” usually said in a sing-song announcement to the world. Wags truly was the dog of our world and my world. She will live on in all of our memories and in our hearts. I hope that she is happily frolicking without pain and with the joy that she brought to our family. We’ll miss you Wags!

Love & Hug your pets!



About vitalsignspgh

Sandy Burkett is the Creative Engineer, President and Owner of Vital Signs. Vital Signs is a certified Native American/Woman-Owned custom sign and graphics company located in Carnegie, PA.
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5 Responses to My Wags, My Heart

  1. J says:

    That was beautifully written! Hugs to you.

  2. Lisa says:

    Perfectly stated! Thanks for sharing. We lost our beloved dog, Gracie 5 weeks ago. She was only 10 and we felt we lost her way too soon! In my mind I tried to justify my feelings by saying that she had such a great pampered life at our house that I shouldn’t feel bad. But the saddness and emptiness on some days has been difficult. I was very surprised that it affected me so much! I knew I would be sad, but not that much. It’s so hard to come home and not have her greeting us at the door. We have great memories and lots of pictures. I’m hoping that as time goes on the sadness will too. To make matters worse a week later we had to put our kitty down! He had cancer so we had many weeks to prepare and say goodbye to him. But it just adds to the sadness and loneliness the house now possess. We feel blessed that we had them in our lives!

    • vitalsignspgh says:

      Oh Lisa, Bless your heart! I understand. I also had an African Grey Parrot, Molly, that we lost several months before & still miss her as well.
      I was fortunate in the respect that I knew it was coming (though in heavy avoidance mode) and recorded a video with Wags a few weeks before
      we had to put her well as all the pictures & memories. I do believe a therapeutic scrapbook is in order 🙂 I am sorry for your loss & hope you feel better soon.

      SjoDry (Sandy)

  3. blackbirdatnight says:

    You’ve said this so beautifully, Sandy. I would be lost without my beagle babies. This is a lovely tribute to your baby, and I wish you peace and healing. *hugs*

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