If “Loose Lips Sink Ships”…then what do dry lips do?

Clearly, ” Dry lips lack drips “ AND drive me crazy! Lately I have been hyper-focused on the sad shape of my lips. I don’t even know exactly when it happened or the full understanding of why it happened.

My biggest culprit theory (besides a normal amount of aging changes) blames most of my outer body surface changes on Sjogren’s and my moisture deficits. But I’m not loving what I see when I look in the mirror. It was as if one day, I was the same old me that I’ve seen looking back at me from my mirror my whole life and then almost overnight, it changed.

Suddenly I had (what as a child, I would have described) as “old lady” lips. I have to use the child reference, since addressing my lips as “old lady” lips at my current age would indicate that I am now calling myself old. But if the description fits, wear it. :-/  So what exactly has happened, you ask? I have always had thin lips..but my upper lip has gone AWOL. I mean..it is almost totally gone when I smile..as if a sculptor only gave me an alien slit for a mouth. If that’s not disturbing enough..it is as if a switch was flipped and my mouth developed small, radiating wrinkles all around it (kind of like a picture of a sun with sun rays). Of course..the skin grooves that surround my mouth and nose have deepened as well. What the heck? I suppose I can blame a small portion of it on my small portion of Native American genes. And I will own the fact that some of my shallow youthful decisions drove me to what can only be described as an unhealthy “tanning” addiction. Add to that the internal moisture-sucking monster that is Sjogren’s Syndrome..or the remote possibility of a Scleroderma diagnosis…and perhaps I have arrived at some possible answers.

So what does one do for wrinkly, old lady lips? I’ve tried camouflage through lipstick. Just a heads-up..it doesn’t work! When you combine dry, wrinkly and/or flaking lips with lipstick, you get what I describe as: mosaic lip flakes. When I look in the mirror, my mosaic lipstick look generates a very specific response. The same type of response I feel when I see a woman who has clearly tried to put herself together, but either used a lip liner or her lipstick too heavily and looks somewhat like a clown. You know the look …” Aww, bless her heart..she tried”.

Yes, SjoDry definitely has a serious ” Lip Dilemma:. Of course I have tried all of the over-the-counter lip moisturizing products and chapsticks. I’ve even slathered my lips with coconut oil (that’s a great look too). Is this my lip destiny? I hope not. I really want my outside physical appearance to match my mental age..but I guess we all would like to have that. So I have decided to throw it out to you, my fellow Sjoggies. Do any of you have any tried and true lip remedies? SjoDry’s lips are in critical condition and need an emergency rescue! No ‘lip service’ allowed unless you swear by it. Send me your best lip-care secrets!

SjoDry and Flaky


About vitalsignspgh

Sandy Burkett is the Creative Engineer, President and Owner of Vital Signs. Vital Signs is a certified Native American/Woman-Owned custom sign and graphics company located in Carnegie, PA.
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8 Responses to If “Loose Lips Sink Ships”…then what do dry lips do?

  1. Shirley says:

    None of the OTC lip moisturizers help for me. My rheum’s nurse suggested Merle Norman’s “Super Lube.” I know…..sounds like something you’d get at a car parts place! It works for me when nothing else will. I have found Este Lauder lipstick has moisturizing qualities also……..just a little expensive though. Good luck with your dry lips!

    My Sjogren’s has progressed to the point of peripheral neuropathy……tingling and drawing in feet, hands don’t want to work right. Am being tested next week by neurologist. Time will tell. I’m not sure it’s totally Sjogren’s fault, but will have some answers after testing.

    Hope this helps.

    Bamagal (Shirley) or whatever I signed up under! LOL!!

    • vitalsignspgh says:

      Thanks Shirley. I will definitely try the Super Lube (okay..I love the name). The cost doesn’t matter as much to me if the product is effective. I hope your testing gave you some answers. Had bloodwork today & will my Immunologist on Friday..I’m hoping for answers also. Hang in there.


  2. Darlene Bielski says:

    I have had at times the same exact lip complaint. Besides using evoxac I find that no lip balm will work. to relieve the painful dryness…until I went to Walgreens and bought Cetaphil cream in the jar l4 oz and put that on my lips and voila…finally relief…do not scrimp and save and buy walgreens brand……

  3. Casey says:

    Hi, I am new here! I know you are referring to dry lips. But do you ever have mouth burning? I was diagnosed with pSS in January and my mouth is on fire! Is it a symptom that comes and goes? My rheumatologist says this isn’t part of Sjogren’s but everything I read says it is. How do I get it to stop? P.S. I have been on Plaquenil for almost 3 months. Thank you!!

    • vitalsignspgh says:

      Hi Casey.

      No so far so good..no burning in my mouth…just in body parts mostly. I do get a fair amount of ulcers and cold sores in my mouth. I use a rinse called NeutraSal that really helps when I have them. I
      don’t know if you are part of the Sjogrens World Forum or not? You might check there to see what other Sjoggies do. It is a great site for good information. Just go to http://www.sjogrensworld.org
      The forum folks probably have some other ideas about what helps them with the burning.

      Take Care.

    • vitalsignspgh says:

      Hi Casey.

      First, I want to apologize for taking so long to answer your comment. As with all Sjoggies, I go through rough flares..but am back at it again! Of course there are various products to address mouth burning out there. And I can only tell you about the products that I find useful for me. I will say, that “Burning Mouth” is not a frequent problem for me, but I do get lots of ulcers & inflammation in my mouth. The products that I use are NeutraSal (which has a powdered product that you add to water to make a rinse) and some MedActive products. I have found that the NeutraSal rinse really helps with the pain & inflammation for me. NeutralSal has a website. But MedActive has Gels, Sprays & Lozenges that are also helpful depending upon my particular need at the time.

      With regard to your Rheumatologist saying that Mouth Burning is not related to SS…hmmmm. How much does your Rheumy know about Sjogren’s? It is a very frequent symptom for many Sjogren’s Patients. Feel free to private message me: sandy@vitalsignspgh.com

      Take Care Casey.

      • Casey says:

        Thank you so much Sandy! I am going to check out the NeutralSal and see if my rheumatologist will give me a prescription. She is really young and I can tell she doesn’t know anything about Sjogren’s. When I was diagnosed she said I was “lucky” to have it and not another autoimmune disease. What a ding bat.

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