I’m back…in Flaming Form

So what ever happened to that lady who calls herself, SjoDry, that started her “woes of living with Sjogrens” blog? As with many folks who enthusiastically create their therapeutic blogs, I started off with a blogging bang and then promptly got sidetracked by my life. Yes, my inflamed path is always filled with good intentions and painful joints. Well…let’ see, since I last posted, we sold a house & bought a condo; experienced the move from hell (which included a mover trying to steal from us and the loss of our beloved parrot at the pet-sitters) and have been thrown squarely into “We’re too old for this” fixer-upper status. We actually moved into our Empty Nester condo (a forelclosure I might add) without kitchen appliances. Of course..we were only going to change the tile floor & add new appliances, but then we discovered that the existing kitchen cabinets had  significant wear and an odor that no amount of Febreze would mask. This required a lengthy wait for new cabinets & created a chaotic construction zone. Oh yes.. I also tripped within said construction zone & slightly fractured ribs (and I am sure did some kind of other seriously undiagnosed (story of my life) painful damage that only hurt when I took a breath).  For three months we had no kitchen and existed on our variety of ‘on the shelf’ Nutrisystem entrees. Fortunately, we had an extra freezer & microwave to maintain some level of nutrition. While I thought it was incredibly cool that we could exist like this without having to eat out every night, it became tiresome very quickly. Oh, did I add that because of the new tile being put in throughout the downstairs, our main floor bathroom was out of commission. Yes, for three months, it was upstairs to potty, downstairs for water & ice. I tried to find the silver lining of all this by telling myself that we were getting some extra exercise..a good thing right! Of course  it  is challenging to complete house projects when you work all week, come home tired & have mostly only weekends to do them. We spent so much time painting during the summer Olympics, that I decided that they should add a new category for Senior Painting. I am sure that we could medal 😀  Although my mind has been occupied with house projects and my earthy design palette, I do not ever forget about my Sjogrens. Why? Because it won’t let me. I know you can relate. My hands and feet have obtained maximum flare status, with an elbow & serious (7 or 8 on a scale of 1 to 10) chronic back pain thrown in for good measure.  So there you have it, my blogging absence activities in a nutshell.  While I am as inconsistent at blogging as I am with feeling well, I still enjoy it. There is just something uplifting about the ability to get your thoughts expressed, even if no one ever reads it. I think it is validating, if only to myself. So are all of our house projects completed? NOT! We did, however, complete a full working kitchen a couple of weeks ago. I won’t declare that I will now be a consistent blogger. But I will promise to post when my Sjogrens moves me to do so. Happy Labor Day fellow Sjoggies!


About vitalsignspgh

Sandy Burkett is the Creative Engineer, President and Owner of Vital Signs. Vital Signs is a certified Native American/Woman-Owned custom sign and graphics company located in Carnegie, PA.
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